One on One Private Coaching

One on One Private Coaching

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Are you ready to roll your sleeves up and truly do the required work to BECOME THE BAG? For six weeks I we are locking arms as I show you why incorporating a wellness routine is necessary for your success. When you work with me you don’t only get the “why”, but you also get the knowledge of “HOW”. I work with you to create your own unique wellness program, we assess where you are currently, and we create an actionable plan to get you to the life you dream of. Anything is possible, and for six weeks I pour my resources in you to make your dreams a reality.

  • Learn the difference between “passion” and “purpose”

  • Identify ways to make your talents and gifts generate substantial income

  • Have more freedom to do the things you WANT to do

  • Change your mindset and take control of your thoughts

  • and so much more..

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What you get:

  • 6 weeks of private one on one coaching

  •  Access to private Facebook group, with daily support  

  •  Access to private text messaging service, with daily support  

  • Weekly accountability emails  

  • Access to my network of beauty professionals

  • 2 social media audits

  • Digital course workbook

  • Planner

  • Jounal

  • Mentorship

  • Guest speakers directly related to your specific desired area of growth